How to make money online(The Legit ways)

In this tutorial I’ll show you all the legal ways to earn heavy amount of money online following official legit ways.
I’ll demonstrate you all the points to earn heavy amount money online for people living in US,Canada,UK,Australia and even for people living in India and China.
This guide is essential for people living in India or in any densely populated developing country where people would like to work from home and earn a handsome amount of money.

Ways to earn money online:

1.Blogging:An easiest way to earn money is writing blogs about any topic you are passionate about.Its very interesting way in which not only you can earn but you can also enjoy and share all ideas and creative thinking you own.If you have a knowledge about any topic that is unique then help others by writing a blog and earn money.
There are many platforms where you can write the blogs for free such as blogger which is powered by google,tumblr but if you really want to be a good blogger then I’ll advise you to buy a cheap domain and hosting,install wordpress on it and write blogs on your own domain.
But the question is how you will earn by writing blogs?
Well the answer is you can earn by adding ads on your blog:blogger being powered by google can easily sync to AdSense but for your site you’ll have to submit your site to AdSense(If you are from India or China then you might have to wait for 6 months)
For Indians and Chinese their is which is yahoo and bing ad network and many other options as well,so cheer up.

2.Give e-tuition or internet classes: Start giving coaching classes on any subject in which you are perfect.There are many websites like e-tuitions, where you can find a teaching job or you rather create your own youtube channel where you can give video lessons or e-tuition.

3.Get paid for writing:Writing articles for known websites will always earn you money.If you don’t feel comfortable writing blogs then this is perfect for you,many people have stated that they don’t think they will definitely earn through blogs but they feel writing for known websites is easier and will surely add penny on their pocket,Although its not true but depends on you.
Google’s hubpages are also easier way to write and earn via AdSense

4.Write e-books:If you have anything in your mind or you ever dreamed of writing a book but you didn’t had the money to publish it then e-book is the solution for all your problems.E-books doesn’t require any kind of investments and you can save yourself from all publishing and printing charges.

5.Make money from Yahoo Answers:Millions of people visit yahoo answers everyday for finding out answers to their problems.Internet has many tricks by which you can legally earn money using yahoo answers.

6.Affiliation jobs:Affiliate is a person who earns a commission for selling the products that he had promoted,you don’t need to repurchase the product in order to be a affiliate;you have to only promote the product on your blog,website or on ebay.

7.Buying and Selling Domains:Up till now I told you all the methods that didn’t had any investments but this method requires investment but this investment is very small,and if you chose right names for your domains which are in high demand then you might earn a lot.Search for good names and then buy domains,good domain names are sold for high prices.

8.Freelancing:There are many sites like,, which joins people who want their work to be completed for an amount with the freelancers.If you heard of typing jobs then this is it,you can make websites,e-books,type articles or anything in exchange of a cool amount that is prefixed.
They have many prepaid tasks as well in which you are paid before doing any job.

9.Get paid to Sites and apps:There are many sites in which you have to perform certain tasks,search through their engines,fill out surveys,watch their videos,invite friends and they pay real money for that.You will find dozens of mobile apps on android/iphone which pays you to do certain tasks,they pay via paypal or giftcards.

10.Sell your photos:You can sell your photos online or the photos that you feel is attractive and people will most likely purchase them,sites like istock photo,smugmug helps you to send the photos online.They charge you every time your photo is downloaded.

11.Start selling your stuff:Start your own stuff on sites or classifieds,there are many sites like amazon and ebay where you can make a merchant account and sell your stuff.

12.Create themes and plugins for wordpress:WordPress is a free platform by which you can create any kind of website and nowadays wordpress is in extreme demand,everyone is using it to build a website as it doesn’t require any coding.
Therefore creating a theme for wordpress is an open option for you to earn money.

13.Money from Applications:Earlier I told you about pay to do apps and how you can earn from them,but that won’t earn you enough unless you have huge friend circle where you can use their referral option.But if you wan’t to earn more then build apps for android and ios,then you can sell them on their respective stores for a good price.You’ll receive money for each download.

14.Youtube:Add ads on your youtube videos and earn real cash.If you think that your videos has high likes and views,then what are you waiting for,just add ads on your videos and get rich.

15.Work for Inbound Call Center:If you want to work for a call center but don’t want to go to the call center,then you have a second door open for you.
In inbound call centers you can work from home for a call center,you can work part-time as well as full;totally depends on you.

16.Earn money to read and view ads:There are sites like clixsense and neobux which pays you to read and view ads.

17.Online Surveys:There are few sites which truly pays for doing surveys(works for sure in US and Canada),some sites truly provide you legit surveys and pays you for attending them.

18.Micro Jobs:There are sites that gives some micro tasks and pay you for doing them.Amazon mturk is one of them that pays you for doing some micro tasks.It doesn’t requires any investment just login with your account and start earning.

 These are the legit ways which are available,if you need more info or you have any question then please comment.

And if you want to work offline and you’re searching for a good job then you need to face a job interview,for that I have a complete guide for you Click here for complete tutorial

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